Why Marvin?

Why Marvin?

At Manchester Millwork we choose to partner with Marvin to connect your home to the outside world. Marvin is a family-owned and operated cedar and lumber company specializing in Windows and Doors has been creating and enhancing homes since 1912.

In the past year, our homes have become more important than ever before.  Marvin strives to provide windows and doors to give you a space where you can “live, work, think and feel.” They push themselves to surpass the expectations of the everyday design, whether replicating historic work or improving energy performance.


Marvin believes in changing the way they do things to improve the quality of their work.  They know they have to evolve to stay fresh and up to date to provide the best to their customers.  Marvin believes in innovation.


At Marvin they choose to give you both the scenic view, and the long-term view.  Marvin believes going green is a best practice these days. They feel that sustainability must extend past their own business operations, into their everyday work.

Marvin chooses to implement
“environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes and building sustainable communities across the United States, where Marvin products are manufactured.”


At Marvin they put people first – they believe that the way to a successful business is through creating lifelong relationships with “employees, customers, partners, and communities.”  They commit to being there for you when you need them the most. Marvin is putting their words into action throughout the pandemic by putting staff and customer safety first.


CEO Paul Marvin took to their site to advise, Marvin is taking “additional steps to combat the spread of illness and support our teams, including discontinuing business travel, postponing in-person tours and training sessions and extending our leave policies for employees. We are also working together with our dealers and business partners around the country to adjust logistics and delivery and enact continuity plans to minimize disruption.”


At Manchester Millwork, we choose Marvin, so you will choose us.