Signs your Windows Need Replacing

If you were asked how to check the condition of your windows, would you know what to look for? For many people, the answer is probably ‘no’. Yet windows make up one of the most important parts of our homes, keeping us safe and warm, whilst making our Connecticut homes look great on the outside too. As a guide, windows need changing every twenty years. But if you’re not sure how old your windows are, what else could you look for? This post mentions the five most common signs that window replacement is necessary at your Connecticut home.

How do I know I require Window Replacement?

Here are the five most common signs that your home requires window replacement:

  1. Sky-high utility bills. Old single pane windows tend to leak out warm air and let in cold air from outside, hiking up your energy bills. If you suspect this, hold a candle in each corner of your window or feel how cold your glass is. New windows contain argon gas which helps keep your room warm by keeping the heat in.
  2. Stiff or non-opening windows. If your window only opens with excessive pressure, or it doesn’t open at all, window replacement is definitely necessary. Opening and closing a window should not burn the same amount of calories as spending time in the gym.
  3. Leaking or rotten frames. Wooden windows rot easily due to continual exposure to moisture, which eventually causes decay. So, if you notice pools of water on your sills or floor, don’t just dismiss it. Even the smallest amount of moisture can cause rot. Use a window replacement contractor to make sure they are sealed tightly.
  4. Excessive noise. If you stand next to your old windows and find you can hear traffic in the distance, this probably means they need replacing. Old windows transfer sound into your rooms due to vibrations. Window replacement with new units will absorb the sounds and result in a quieter environment.
  5. Lots of condensation. Whilst condensation covered windows don’t necessarily indicate a problem, when this forms between panes, this indicates the seals around the window have failed and it’s time for window replacement to stop leakage.

I need replacement windows. Which installer should I choose?

Often, all that your windows need to perform at their best is a simple repair. However, eventually the existing windows on every home will require a total window replacement. If you have identified any of the signs mentioned in this post, you’ll want to think about window replacement soon.

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