Spring Cleaning Checklist

There’s so much going on right now, it’s difficult to keep everything straight. We hope this checklist will help you stay organized as you tackle the projects that come with the springtime. Enjoy!

Springtime Checklist- the little things you might forget!

-Wash all windows- inside & outside (it might be necessary to hire someone to do the upper floors of your home)… And while you’re at it- hit the mirrors with some windex, too!

-Install your spring & summer screens and take out the winter storm windows

-Let the rugs get some air outside, wash them if necessary, and then wash down all the floors

-Declutter! Go thru wardrobes, pantry, cabinets, closets, storage spaces, garage, under the sink, drawers, toys, etc. and put everything you no longer need into two different bags or boxes: 1. Give Away, 2. Trash

-Start growing kitchen herbs inside and then transplant them outside later in the month of May when it’s warmer… Chives, Basil, Dill, Rosemary, Parsley, & Fennel are just a few delicious herbs to get started- we also recommend using an old plastic strawberry case as a mini greenhouse to get them growing even faster!

-Change the batteries in your smoke detectors- in addition to testing the batteries regularly, they should be changed twice a year with out fail

-Turn on the water and bring the garden hose out of storage

-Dust down all molding and baseboards

-Use a vacuum to clean out all the cobwebs and dust in the high and low corners of the house, above windows, and door frames

-Wash curtains and wipe down blinds

-Clean outdoor and indoor trash cans- spraying the inside out with a

-Clean outside door frames

-Clean the grill

We hope this list helps you tackle those spring cleaning projects!
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