Case Study: Custom Built Home in Colchester, CT

The Project: One-of-a-Kind Custom Built Home in Colchester, CT

The Goal: To provide the Homeowners with the best options available in windows and patio doors and to work with the general contractor to deliver windows specified on the blueprints by the architect. 

Why we were Contacted: We were contacted due to a relationship we had with the homeowner. We had been in contact throughout the process, and before the prints were completed the owners met with us in our showroom to see what options our partner Marvin offered in comparison to other brands they were considering.

Solutions: After seeing the quality, versatility, and options available, a combination of Marvin’s Signature and Elevate Collections were the choices made that would more than satisfy both the homeowners and architect’s high expectations a project of this level requires.

Challenges: All though we had a relationship with the homeowners, we had no prior experience working with the general contractor that was chosen for the job. The solution was to work with him and show not only how professional and knowledgeable our staff is, but also how competitive we are with other Marvin Window Suppliers in the state.

Notes: The order process could not have gone any smoother. The homeowner was extremely appreciative of what Manchester Millwork and Marvin added to this one of a kind custom home and continues to send updated pictures as the project moves forward.